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About Penza

«Multivarious cultural heritage

preserved in Penza..., makes it

the most important cultural center

of the Russian province».


D.S. Likhachev


Penza will celebrate the 350th anniversary in 2013. The generally accepted date of the Penza city foundation is confirmed in several historical records. The first authentic document concerning the city foundation is the record about weapon delivery to warchief Yury Kotransky which was dated by May the 3rd of 1663 (Old Style). The city was founded as a fortress to protect south-eastern borders of the Russian state from attacks of steppe nomads.

«The whole story of Russia is in Penza...”, wrote Evgeniy Evtushenko.

House museum of V.O. Klyuchevsky

Defensive wall

And it is really so. The Sura land with its rich history and steeped in cultural tradition preserved for hundred years is a cradleland of many outstanding people of Russian science, culture and art. Among them are explorer of Alaska L.A. Zagoskin, outstanding Russian traveler, geographer P.P. Semenov-Tyan-Shanskiy, chemist N.N. Beketov, historian V.O. Klyuchevsky, neurosurgeon N.N. Burdenko, writers A.I. Kuprin, M.Yu. Lermontov, A.G. Malyshkin, M.N. Zagoskin, critic V.G. Belinskiy, stage director V.E. Meyerhold, composer A.A. Arkhangelskiy.

Many other famous names are connected with the Penza land. These are “the creator of the Russian light” P.N. Yablochkov, cosmonaut V.I. Patsaev and pilot woman V.S. Grizodubova, and the whole pleiad of eminent writers I.I. Lazhechnikov, D.V. Davydov, V.A. Sleptsov, N.P. Ogarev, P.A. Vyazemskiy, M.E. Saltykov-Shchedrin, A.A. Blok.

Penza circus

Penza is the native land of the first Russian stationary circus.

Penza art gallery named after K.A. Savitskiy

The city is abound with museums, monuments of history and culture. Among them is Penza art gallery which was open in 1892 on the base of the Russian and foreign art collection presented by former governor N.D.Seliverstov;

The museum of one painting is the second in the world and first in Russia; the museum of folk art is located in the building that is a memorial of wooden architecture of the 19th century; the literature museum; the museum of scenic art named after V.E. Meyerhold; the museum of V.O. Klyuchevskiy; the museum of Penza regional natural history – the oldest in Volga region; the museum-atheneum of I.N. Ulyanov.

Birds-eye view

Penza is the city of a unique landscape located on seven hills. It will leave nobody indifferent to itself, since every time it reveals from the new side.

A bridge over the Sura river Marshal Zhukov square

The governor of Penza M.M. Speranskiy, being on a high position at the court of Alexander I, entering the history of the Fatherland with reformative projects, wrote touching words - “The finest city in the world”.

«Charming Penza still holds me in charm».