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Penza Zoo was organized in 1981 on the territory of former archbishop’s garden, the first mentions of which dated 1848.

There are three ponds with natural supply on the square of 9.8 hectares (24 acres). The unique collection of trees, bushes and grass plants is gathered there. The age of several trees is 180-200 years. You can find conifer and deciduous trees. The overfall of heights is 22 meters (72 feet). There are at least nine different landscapes shown on the territory. These landscapes are not connected by composition or territory, but they form a single whole and unique natural landscape complex of anthropogenic origin. They are linked with each other with alleys and paths that are convenient for walking. The alleys are well fit for horse riding, active games. During massive holidays for children the exhibitions of animals, paintings and photos, as well as selling exhibitions (for example, selling exhibitions of folk master’s hand-mades) are held. Multifunctionality of separate parts promotes its active involving in cultural activity. Additional benches are set in alleys in spring and summer. Alleys and paths are well designed for baby carriages. There are capacities for visiting the zoo by handicapped people; there are ramps in the zoo.

The symbol of Penza zoo is a wood-grouse.

Zoo is the green island of nature in the city. Annually planting and forming of lawns are held, as well as measures to protect available and new plantations. All summer open-air cages are decorated and covered with grass.

Zoo territory is crossed with four alleys which lead to Lebediny (Swan) pond and Kamyshovy (Cane) pond, as well as to sight site.

The zoo charms with its location. Three natural ponds connected with each other with canals, hills and vast meadows, light birch grove and shady larch grove, wonderful fruit garden adjoins with enclosures, and ponds are a part of open-air cages.

There are rare, endangered, beautifully blossomed, economically useful plants - blue spruce, pines, larches, chestnuts, birches, lindens, apple-trees, barberries, snowball trees, roses, lilies, junipers, spiraea, etc. – among plants growing in the zoo, as well as the plants entered on the list of The Red book of Penza region.

There is a complex of buildings for heat-loving animals – lions, jaguars, caracals, as well as various monkeys, such as baboons, gibbons, macaques, lemurs, capuchins.

The enclosures with parrots (there are 28 species in the collection) are among interesting and spectacular expositions. Penza zoo is the only zoo in Russia with the exposition of bustard.

It is also an interesting view to see the enclosures with hoofed animals which can be observed from the sight site and a bridge.

Penza zoo is a favorite place of citizens to rest. It enjoys merited love; annually we accept a great amount of visitors (over 160 thousands) from Penza and Penza region, as well as from Saratov, Ulyanovsk and Mordovia.

Nowadays zoos are not only institutions of culture and education but also first of all institutions of nature conservation. Our zoo is not an exception. We hold a great nature-conservative and educational work. Annually we conduct more than 20 holidays for children, and for elder visitors we organize musical performances and brass band concerts, for newlyweds we offer driving in a horse carriage, swan feeding and pigeon release.

The tasks that the zoo successfully solves can be divided into several directions:

- maintenance and exhibit of unique collection of animals and plants;

- conservation of biodiversity and participation in environmental actions;

- ecological upbringing and education of population;

- organization and conduction of cultural actions for children and adults. (Ice-cream Day, Lemonade Day, Day of Balloons, Animals’ Birthdays;

The quantity of animals is over 2000.

The quantity of species is 210 (including 100 species, 316 specimens of animals from Red Books of Penza region, Russian Federation and IUCN). The zoo personnel successfully work in international programs of conservation of rare and endangered species: Amur tiger, Przevalsky's horse, apes, cranes and Molucca cockatoo.

Modern zoo is the place where rare and endangered species are maintained and bred, and we hope that people visiting our zoo will always keep it in mind and be careful with our nurselings.

During several last years the pair of Amur tigers in Penza zoo gave birth to 20 cubs that were transferred to other zoos. There are only 400-450 of Amur tiger species in wild nature, so the Penza zoo deposit in conservation and rehabilitation of the species is 4%.

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